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Update regarding donations:


During these uncertain times, the health and well-being of our community and our team has always been a top priority at Kidney Clothes. We have been taking great care to implement strict hygiene measures in addition to our already comprehensive health and safety practices. With these protocols in place, we are happy to share that we are slowly and safely starting to resume some of our operations. We are now accepting donations of clothing and textiles (including shoes, bags, linens etc.) only at our offices in Barrie, Brantford and Sault Ste. Marie.


Our donation bins are open for donations of clothing and textiles (including shoes, bags, linens etc.) only in the areas serviced by Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto. In Calgary, we are accepting donations at our bins and doing household pickups. Find a local office or donation bin near you on our Drop-off page.


If you are in the Calgary and Southern Alberta service area and would like to schedule a pickup, please fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-414-3484.


If you do not live in an area where services have resumed, but would like to be notified when they do, please fill out the form below or call your local office at 1-800-414-3484. Please note that you will only receive a response when services resume in your area as we are unable to provide any additional information at this time. If you have a matter that requires immediate assistance, please call your local Kidney Clothes office at 1-800-414-3484.


Thank you for your support!