Start a Fundraiser


Kidney Clothes partners with community groups, schools and other charitable organizations to make holding a clothing drive and raising funds for your group and The Kidney Foundation easy!

Step 1: Launch your drive

  • 4-6 weeks in advance of drive date
  • Spread the word: Save the date and donations! Post event details on your website, Facebook, in your newsletter, etc.
  • Assemble your dream team. Form a core event committee and line up event volunteers. There are great opportunities for all ages to help!
  • Get to know your goods. While many things are accepted for donation, only certain items qualify for payment, so aim for the items that pay! Make sure everyone knows what’s in and what’s out. (See Donation Guidelines).
  • Pre-collection pays off! Claim some space. Secure a place to store your group’s pre-collected goods– maybe a school gym or stage, or someone’s garage or basement.

Step 2: Promote

  • Posters, posters everywhere. Think coffee shops, grocery stores, community centres, libraries, restaurants, office buildings. A great job for older teens!
  • Give out bags. Attach collection bags to as many flyers as possible. The easier you can make it for people to donate, the better!
  • Email. Then email again. Plan on sending 2-3 emails to members and supporters, including a reminder the day before the Drive date. Save-the-date and progress updates will keep your Donation Drive top-of-mind.
  • Post it, Tweet it, Instagram it – you name it! Leverage local blogs and social media channels to get the word out. Sample posts are included in the template section.
  • Make some news. Place a free calendar event in your local newspaper. Why not ask for a free print ad too?

Step 3: Drive Day

  • Take turns. Schedule your volunteers in shifts to greet donors and unload cars. Watch your funds add up as the donated goods arrive!
  • Wave them down! Volunteers can make signs to catch the attention of passing traffic.
  • Offer curbside service. Send out volunteers to pick up donated goods from those who can’t come in person.
  • Contact your local Kidney Clothes Office when you are nearing the end of your drive to schedule a pick up date and time.

Start your Kidney Clothes Fundraiser today!

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-414-3484 or email us your questions or comments.